Cesari scores big!
OW brand Cesari has some 90+ rated wines to boast about. Read this month's pricebook to find out more.

Sobieski - STOCK UP!
New pricing updates, rebates, and much more! Get ready to stock up!

Kerrygold - The New Gold Standard
Real Irish cream that is the new gold standard! Give this new brand a try this holiday season.

Following in the footsteps of its New Jersey counterpart, Opici Wine Company of New York was founded in 1945. Renowned for its fine wine and spirits expertise, the NY operation has applied the same principles that have made the Opici Wine Group a success for over 90 years. With its recent expansion into Upstate New York, Opici of NY is poised to become the preeminent wine and spirits company in the state.

Distributor Award
We are extremely proud to announce that Opici Family Distributing of NY was awarded Wholesaler of th...
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OW awarded Importer of the Year 2014
Crack the Prosecco, and raise a glass! Opici Wines has been named Importer of the Year by Wine Enthu...
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Opici Family Distributing
Throughout our 78 years in the distribution business, our identity has continued to evolve. While ou...
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